Hard Surface Cleaning

Certified Technicians Get Results

Marble and Stone Polishing

Our technicians use diamond abrasives to hone and polish scratches from your stone. If caught soon enough, the floor may just need polishing. If there are deeper scratches from either wear or dragging furniture, they can be honed and polished to that like new condition. We also use specialty sealers to help protect from staining, etching and scratching.

Stripping and waxing
of resilient floors

Wax buildup can become unsightly and ugly.  Let Floor Medic revive your floor by stripping the old wax and applying new.  This will remove that dingy old yellow wax and recoat it with new clear coats. Waxes are soft and over time dirt becomes embedded and makes the traffic lanes look bad.

Tile and Grout cleaning

When mopping just won’t make your floor look better, Floor Medic’s process blasts away those dirty grout lines leaving the tile and grout in that like new condition. Afterwards, a clear sealant is applied to the grout to help prevent resoiling. Colored sealers can also give your floor a whole new look by changing the color of the discolored grout lines.

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